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With decades of experience in the bar business, our Beverage Program team consists of certified sommeliers, certified cicerones, high-volume buyers and procurement experts.

We tailor the program to the style of each bar or restaurant that we work with. We provide a different and unique approach to what can often be an overlooked, mismanaged task. One of the most important aspects our job is to build a rock solid foundation of beer, wine and spirits that encourage your staff and guests to want to continue to explore, discover, and communicate their enthusiasm about your offerings.

What does a CWG Beverage Program consist of?

  • Ensuring property compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the beverage department.
  • Preparing budgets and performs research/analysis for properties.
  • Assisting in development, design, and layout of new beverage outlets
  • Proactive involvement in planning, review and development of existing and future operations.
  • Developing marketing and advertising plans for beverage outlets.
  • Educating your staff on the specifics of beverage features.
  • Thoroughly inventorying stock and providing owners and management with detailed sales, costs, profit & loss reports.
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