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The Event Management Group is dedicated to the success of your program, with a team individually devoted to your satisfaction, the best management and the most intelligent solutions possible. Whether you are looking for quiet sophistication, or a multi-sensory adventure, Charles William Group will provide an unforgettable experience, as we help bring your vision to life.

The biggest companies trust CWG to provide their event production.


The Customer Service You Shouldn’t Live Without

We creatively focus on how to best connect our client with their audience to deliver on target design, seamless logistics, exceptional value and an extraordinary experience.

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A Team You’ll Love To Work With

We provide full-service event planning, meeting management and destination management services throughout Michigan.

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We’re Breaking The Mold Of A Traditional Company

By leveraging our experienced organization and integrated capabilities, we deliver appropriate and intelligent event solutions for our clients.


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This is the first step in an amazing relationship with your next Event company! Whether it’s through the "request a quote" page on our site, by email or by phone, CWG will answer the call to help you with your next event. Someone will connect with you to schedule your first consultation meeting with your CWG rep.

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Heads up, this will not be a one-and-done kind of relationship. We strive to have the most accurate quotes for your event production needs. Our goal is to simplify and help you understand exactly what you’re getting from us. We are going to walk you through your quote and designs so you understand exactly what you’re getting and how it fits into your vision and goals.

Need changes, additions, or updates? Everything will get all tracked in our cloud-based inventory software, so no matter how many changes you may require, nothing will be forgotten!



The day finally arrives! Your CWG Manager will come early to make sure the venue is ready to go and that you are happy. When the infrastructure begins to arrive, we will direct everything to its' rightful place based on all specifications from through the entire process. During the entire event, you will have ONE point of contact on-site the whole time to quickly answer questions and serve you, whether it’s a last minute content addition or a spur of the moment idea. We’ll be ready to help.

The event is over but as you know, work is not over! We’ll schedule a post event follow-up meeting where we’ll review event metrics, discuss attendee satisfaction, and review the event in 360-degree feedback meeting. Your feedback is the most important! We want you to be happy so that we can have the opportunity to repeat the process again with you (and again and again for years to come.)

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CWG EVENTS can help with:

  • Event Operations & Logistics
  • Permits and City Liaison
  • Budget Management
  • Sponsor Negotiations & Relationships
  • Vendor Negotiations & Relationships
  • Volunteer Management
  • Transportation
  • Event Planning
  • Footprint Design
  • Security Management

How can CWG help your next event?